INCENSE AND MYRRH contains red jasper that brings joy and serenity, attracts positive thoughts and encourages self-respect. It is suitable for people that need to rediscover passion, cheerfulness and dynamism. It brings vitality and resistance. This stone makes you feel more determined and helps to overcome moments of apathy and manage your energy in a balanced way.


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The three “Lakshmi fragrances” create a special sensorial dimension. The fragrances purify the air, trigger emotions, evoke memories and stimulate the body’s capacity to maintain a stable inner balance despite changing external conditions.

Ayurveda teaches that a synergy of scents creates a balance between mind, body and spirit. The three Ayurvedic Doshas – Vata, Pitta e Kapha – that control all the functions of the mind and body – react to different combinations of scents.

Vata loves warm fragrances that calm the mind and emotions and enhance serenity.
The fragrances that balance Pitta include sweet, calming and refreshing notes. 
Kapha is balanced by spicy, pungent and energising fragrances.
The three “Lakshmi fragrances” have been carefully studied to offer a pleasant and practical way to create a balanced atmosphere or to balance one’s Dosha.

INCENSE AND MYRRH – KAPHA – character, warmth, energy and lucidity. A synergy of energising fragrances to re-centre and boost energy.

Head notes: they are light and fade away in a few minutes. These notes are also called “the flight of the fragrance”; they are the scents that you perceive immediately and through which you get to know the fragrance.
For Gold, Myrrh and Incense we have chosen Elemi distilled from the resin of a tree very similar to the Olibanum tree. Elemi is aromatic, hot and spicy and conveys deep peacefulness combined with total lucidity. Frankincense helps to put everything into perspective and to look at worries and anxieties from above. Raspberry is a lively and carefree scent in which sweetness and acidity are well balanced and pamper the senses.

Heart notes: they are stronger and more consistent than the head notes. They are more persistent and form the central part of the fragrance, the part that leaves a mark.
Gold, Myrrh and Incense features Precious wood with a woody, amber, earthy and balsamic scent, Cedarwood that symbolises stability, reliability and tenacity and  Vetiver, with a scent that reconnects you with the earth and helps find inner balance.

Base notes: these are strong and persistent scents that express the “personality” of the fragrance and generate the loyal use of the perfume.
For Gold, Myrrh and Incense we have chosen White Musk, a clean soft and sweet scent, and Vanilla with a rich, sweet and velvety yet spicy scent.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat.*, Limonene.

Insert the sticks in the bottle, turning them upside down every two days for a perfect diffusion of the fragrance.

Caution: It may stain or damage fabrics and furniture. Keep away from heat and flames. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.