BLUE OCEAN contains blue sodalite that symbolises a starry night and the depth of the sea. It is particularly suitable for those who base their lives on extremely strict rules. Sodalite helps to strengthen the strong points of your character (such as determination) and to soften other aspects when necessary. Its vibrations help to rebalance hypersensitive people that react impulsively after having silently felt irritated and impatient for a long time. Sodalite is a stone that calms the mind and spirit. It brings calmness and inner peace and helps to release anger and tension.


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The three “Lakshmi fragrances” create a special sensorial dimension. The fragrances purify the air, trigger emotions, evoke memories and stimulate the body’s capacity to maintain a stable inner balance despite changing external conditions.

Ayurveda teaches that a synergy of scents creates a balance between mind, body and spirit. The three Ayurvedic Doshas – Vata, Pitta e Kapha – that control all the functions of the mind and body – react to different combinations of scents.

Vata loves warm fragrances that calm the mind and emotions and enhance serenity.
The fragrances that balance Pitta include sweet, calming and refreshing notes.
Kapha is balanced by spicy, pungent and energising fragrances.
The three “Lakshmi fragrances” have been carefully studied to offer a pleasant and practical way to create a balanced atmosphere or to balance one’s Dosha.

BLUE OCEAN – PITTA – Transparency, freedom, space and holidays. To relax and eliminate daily tensions: a wellbeing synergy.

Head notes: they are light and fade away in a few minutes. These notes are also called “the flight of the fragrance”; they are the scents that you perceive immediately and through which you get to know the fragrance.
For Blue Ocean we have chosen Grapefruit: it is joyful and dissolves stress. Bitter and strong yet fresh. Sage: it is lively, revitalising and evokes outdoor spaces.

Heart notes: they are stronger and more consistent than the head notes. They are more persistent and form the central part of the fragrance, the part that leaves a mark.
Blue Ocean contains Rosemary: a strong and fresh scent and a Marine Note with a “sea breeze” nuance that takes you into a space of freedom.

Base notes: these are strong and persistent scents that express the “personality” of the fragrance and generate the loyal use of the perfume.
For Blue Ocean we have selected Cedarwood to develop and maintain a sense of balance and calmness in life. Vanilla with a rich, sweet and velvety scent that brings peace and Musk with the scent of ancient forests and deep notes that lend the strength and security of an oak tree.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat.*, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin.

Insert the sticks in the bottle, turning them upside down every two days for a perfect diffusion of the fragrance.

Caution: It may stain or damage fabrics and furniture. Keep away from heat and flames. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


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