I am certain most of us would agree
with the view that “suffering” has been
one of humanity’s biggest challenges…

Anandagiri – the senior faculty member from One world Academy,
travel accross the world, teaching the powerful “BEING LIMITLESS”
spiritual journey.
Spreadingthe wisdom they have gained inthe relentless pursuit of self
discovery, underthe mentoring ofthe Founders of OWA – Krishnaji &
Preethaji, they revolutionisethe wayyou experience and respond to life.
They helpyou discoverthe truth of how to set your mind and heart free
of suffering and limitiation. They bring great compassion and wisdom in
leading participants on their journey to enlightenment. They reside at OWA
campus in India as a family withthe Founders and teach at the “Field of
Transformation” andthe “Meditation InstructorTraining” programs.

DATE: 20/21/22 Ottobre



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