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Social Projects

2020: every day we choose the world we want to live in. Through our gestures and actions.

Lakshmi has always operated in compliance with environmental, social and economic sustainability. We present three new projects we have decided to support and promote.

BIOFARM. Project “a basket of lemons”

Lakshmi is committed to supporting the Biofarm project. We purchased lemon groves and supported the passionate and tireless organic farmers who grow lemons with love.
You will receive a basket of organic lemons collected for you: for more info ask to your beauty center.

Treedom. Project “Lakshmi Forest”

By joining the Treedom project, your beauty center has helped to repopulate the planet with trees.
In the Lakshmi forest, a tree was planted with the name of the Beauty Center. Do not you believe it? On the Treedom platform you can search for the tree, geolocate it and view it.

QUID. Pareo # unique & conscious

Discover the exclusive and conscious fashion of “Quid” project. Lakshmi has joined this project to promote an ethical and conscious beauty not only expressed through its cosmetics, but also by what we wear. We asked Quid to make summer sarongs. Our gift for a glamorous, creative and sustainable summer. Ask your beauty center for more information.

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Learn to live with sensitivity and respect for all living animals, plants and the environment of our planet.


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