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Spread the love for Mother Nature

through beauty rituals and organic products in constant evolution.

Lakshmi’s mission is to contribute to the development and circulation of Consciousness and holistic knowledge to improve the quality of life of human beings. Learning to live with sensitivity and respect for all living animals, plants and the environment of our planet.

Lakshmi independently is free and open to all approaches of those who are motivated towards the evolution of the planet, to live naturally healthy, happily and creatively. Lakshmi offers a complete range of training courses structured by combining in-depth knowledge and the most appropriate practical methodologies.

Lakshmi also offers a wide range of natural products that draw on the intelligence that Mother Nature has enclosed in plants. Lakshmi offers you with love and joy this gift for an extraordinarily healthy, beautiful, happy and harmonious life. Outer beauty depends on inner beauty.

The skin reflects the health, well-being, joy, inner balance, or vice versa imbalances, problems and disease. The real beauty and perfect health are attained when the human being lives in total harmony with the laws of nature and the universe. The soul, body and spirit can be harmonized perfectly and allow “Ojas” (subtle energy) to manifest itself in its totality.


Develop and spread holistic awareness to improve the quality of life of human beings.


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