Herbal Drinks

Herbal drinks for a perfect body

A line of ready to use concentrated liquid extracts.Tisama offers extremely pure and totally natural products in terms of ingredients, processing and preservation. The herbal drinks of the Tisama line are obtained from fresh plants using cutting-edge cold extraction technology, which produces a concentrated extract of the entire plant phytocomplex. Their action is, therefore, faster and more direct and provides a noticeable improvement, in terms of drainage, purification or slimming, in addition to all the other advantages given by the specific nature of our different herbal drinks. They are totally free of sugars, sweeteners, alcohol and colouring agents. They only contain natural ingredients from organic and controlled cultivations. A real “elixir of health and beauty”.
Lakshmi herbal drinks, made from fresh plants, give amazing results. Try them!
Tisama is a herbal cosmetic line developed on the basis of the concept of global activity of plants; it is the result of in depth studies in the field of modern phytotherapy.
The Tisama line, based on the holistic principle of health and beauty, acts on the skin and body in a synergic manner, from the outside and the inside, with different combinations according to the requirements and imperfections to be treated. Tisama products are produced from plants using cold extraction techniques and therefore do not contain alcohol, sugar or colouring agents; for this reason they can be used in the beauty sector for different types of applications. All Tisama products only contain natural ingredients mostly from organic and controlled cultivations
for a real “elixir of health and beauty”. Choose a personalised Lakshmi treatment to obtain the best slimming and wellness results without upsetting your habits.

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